a little bit about me

ADAMO is an Adelaide local brand created by (me), Imara, dedicated to convenience and sustainability. Starting my own sustainable brand is something I have always dreamed of. It never seemed like a possibility being an immigrant in Australia, but I am exceedingly aware of the luck that has been bestowed upon me as well as all the resources that I have that others do not have access to. The ability to create is a privilege, one that I am grateful to take part of.

It all started with an outburst. One caused by the fact that I had to fumble through my tote bag whenever I needed anything important. The frustration of digging and digging for my wallet, or keys or phone or headphones when I needed it. A frustration I knew people were familiar with. No more I decided. I combed through the internet looking for ethically-made tote bags with pockets and was met with products well out of my price range and mainly overseas, which is when I thought to create a product of my own that met my needs.

our dedication to sustainability

The planet that we stand on is all we have. We at ADAMO are conscious of the mark we leave, which is why we have partnered up with AUTRON to bring you bags that are not only functional but ethically and sustainably made. With these phrases being thrown around in constant motion and talk of ‘responsibility’, there is a disconnect in how to truly make a difference in the environment. There is a sense of end all, be all – that you must completely shift the way that you live; that you either consume or you don’t. ADAMO fits within this tiny gap. It functions under the term ‘conscious consumption’, interacting in the market with an awareness towards how your expenditure affects society and the changes that we can make to preserve the Earth that we call home. At the core of my dedication of sustainability through the creation of these bags is the idea that we as humans must look further into our discrepancies of living and how they cause harm. The acknowledgement of this
deepens our connection with the world, recognising it as a true other, it is the practice of love. Hence the name, ADAMO.

100% of the polyester fiber used is made from recycled and renewable sources. The use of recycled water bottles means that less resources go into its creation! There is a 54% decrease in the c02 emissions generated, as well as a 70% decrease in energy consumption.

The cotton used for the bags are propagated with non-GMO seeds, and do not utilise pesticides or any harmful chemicals. Not only does this mean that farmers are safe from damaging exposure to these substances, it uses 71% less water compared to conventional forms of growth.

Our Zips are eco-friendly, made from PET bottles and other post-consumer materials. We refuse to incorporate harmful chemicals into our product and only incorporate nickle and lead free hardware, as well as eco-friendly glue.

AUTRON, our supplier, are also conscious of their workers and ensure viable working hours. They believe that '[their] commitment to people and the planet doesn't end at [their] factory and supply chain. [They] seek to be an example for other factories to follow to accelerate leatherwear industrywide change. [Their] work will never be done, because [they] believe that if they aren't looking for ways to improve, [they] aren't looking hard enough.' (for more: https://www.autron-ind.com/ethical-production).

It doesn't end there! Further information and certificates can be found here: https://www.autron-ind.com/sustainable-approach